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Read, Re-read, and PROOF-READ Scholarship Applications!

Posted by how2winscholarships on July 10, 2014 at 3:40 PM

You rote love what it no it sounds can't weight to get that winning scholarship letter in the male!!!!!!!!






I spell-checked that sentence! :dry:






Run-on sentence...those cute little dots...words that are spelled correctly, but don't fit my meanings??????



Ok, maybe I exaggerated a little, but you would not believe the number of students who will submit applications with mistakes like these and not even realize their mistakes. Spell and grammar check do NOT catch all mistakes and the only way to avoid this problem is by giving your essays and applications to HUMANS to proof-read for you. Your parents, teachers, relatives, and even smart friends will be able to see mistakes that you might have missed. When you read something over and over, your eyes become familiar with the content and tend to miss these kinds of mistakes.



So, DON'T rely on your computer writing program to catch and show you how to fix your mistakes. Take the time to find at least TWO other sources (human!) to read through your hard work and help you submit your BEST work! THAT'S what it takes to win scholarships! :)



Here, this article will help you further understand what I'm talking about:




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